About me

Hi, my name is Lin Min Phyo.

I am an Android developer based in Yangon and doing what I love : Android, UI/UX, Product and Software Architectures. I am also interested in street photography. I write, push codes, tweet, talk at conferences and host podcast on my free times to give back to community.


Better HR

2018 Jan - Now

Product Team is founded inside Nexlabs. I joined it because I love Products that would add values to users.

When we started, my focus was to work on 2 Android apps :

Better HR, app for employees and

Better HR Office, Kiosk app.

I started working on Better HR iOS app from July 2019 and leading mobile team starting from September 2019.

Architected Android apps using Multi-module Clean Architecture, Dagger and RxJava. Used Retrofit and Apollo Android (we used GraphQL heavily) for networking, Firebase for analytics, Sentry for crash reporting, Material Components for design system, Architecture Components, Android Jetpack, JUnit, Espresso for development and testing.

Also worked on internal UI libraries, integrations with multiple Fingerprint Android terminals.

I am also working on Performance, Consistency, Stability and Scaleability of mobile apps.

As a mobile team lead, I am helping team members to improve day to day workflow and coaching for growth, coding together with them, do pair-programming and code reviews.

I am participating in every part of product team ranging from planning, researching, UI/UX, implementation, performance, analytics, testing and release management.


2017 Oct - 2017 Dec

Joined Nexlabs as full-time Android Developer. Worked on a customer royalty app and mobile POS for a popular coffee chain.

Worked on Myanmar’s first cinema ticketing mobile app. I contributed in feature development, bug fixing and designing user interfaces. I started knowing how to build beautiful and smooth user interface. I have learnt a lot in this project: real-time engine like Socket, Clean Architecture, Dagger, RxJava and modern Android development stacks.


2016 Oct - 2015 Nov

Worked on internal HR software which later becomes product of Nexlabs, Better HR. Helpeed backend team to develop REST APIs using Ruby on Rails

Clean Architecture is introduced at Android Team and I am starting to take interest in Software Architectures.


2015 Oct - 2015 Nov

Developed a SMS Gateway app to support “Kyeet”, Myanmar’s election monitoring system. Developed new features for a leading Myanmar business directory app. Also helped Android team on bug fixing and maintaining existing projects.


Android Developer Nanodegree


I studied Android Developer Nanodegree as I want to know from basics to advanced. I finished it within 6 months. See my certificate here.

Bechalor of Computer Technology

2012 - 2017

I studied programming, software engineering, computer engineering, networking and many stuffs at University of Computer Studies, Myeik.


Samsung Tech Institute 2014, Second Runner Up


Samsung Tech Institute is the place where I started learning Android Development. This is a bootcamp which helps Computer University students to kickstart on Android Development. I and my friend, as a team, win second runner up award (among 50 teams) by making an tour guide app for my home town.